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To know the spatial differences of unemployment rate is very important in geomarketing or location based services. Compared with demographic or income data we can analyse the purchasing power of a region or a city.

GeoIndeX helps to understand spatial differences in Hungary. We provide several data in different NUTS levels for Hungary in ArcData Database. Beside the unemployment rate, the net income and level of purchasing power are relevant informations. We provide these spatial data for Hungary in different analytical database. You can combine these database with your own data, and it can be visualised on map using ArcHungary map.

Sample map using ArcData – unemployment rate database »

ArcData unemployment rate in Hungary 2017

ArcData unemployment rate in Hungary 2017

1 2 3 10

We provide settlement level dataset for every month from June of 2008 till last month, based on the NFSZ public database. You can by this database in MS Excel format as part of ArcData database. Contact us »




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