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We have to know where do live our potential customers or clients. A good level statistical database can help to recognise the characteristic of residential population. GeoIndeX database help to get this knowledge in Hungary.

Sample maps

Sample maps using GeoIndeX demography databases, tematic maps are based on GeoX vector maps.

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Use the perfect database!

GeoIndeX contains several datasets for different territorial level. Always use that databese, which is suitable for your analysis purpose. Articles in this topic »

Name of database

Territorial level



ArcData - basic districts of Budapest, settlement, small region, county, region 2000 - 2015 all, age groups, migration etc.
ArcData - demography Settlement 2000-2017 all, male, female
ArcCensus settlement, small regions 2011 (2001) all, age groups, families, educational level, etc.
100x100 street level settlement with more than 20 000 inhabitants 2017 all, age groups, aging index etc.

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We provide several GIS services for Business GIS analysis as geocoding and address cleansing, analyse neigborhood profiles or catchment areas, define drive-time zones and more. Contact us »





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