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Relevant informations in business GIS in Hungary. Demography, economy, incom, unemployment and more.

Street name and address database of Hungary – 2017

Data structure of street name database Street name and address database of Hungary – “Országos utcatörzs” provides different data depth: street level, address level, coordinate level, for every Hungarian settlements. Database updates two times per year. Database structure is: settlement name; part of settlement (if exist); ZIP code; street name; street type; house number; coordinates; […]

New demography data in 100×100 database – 2016

Population density, age groups, percentage of young people and old age population…these demograpy data of a settlement are very important for Location based analysis. The 100×100 street level database provides several types of demography data and indicators for 136 settlements in Hungary. List of settlements of 100×100 purchasing power grid database of Hungary » Population – […]

POIX database update – June 2016

The latest update of POIX database of Hungary is available now. Point of Interest database with GPS coordinates and contact information: address, phone number, e-mail and web page for all POI elements. New features in POIX database Featured categories of database update are now: Banks by brands and ATMs, Pharmacies by brands, Retail trade by brands, Industrial zones, […]

GeoIndeX 100×100 database indicators – 2017

GeoIndeX 100×100 database indicators – 2017 Street level purchasing power database for 136 cities in Hungary. Map based database (; ESRI.shape; txt with coordinates). More than 20 indicators: population density, age groups, net income per capita, different kind of indexes to describe the spatial differences of a city. Special location based data analysis services.

POIX detailed category list – 2018

POIX database of Hungary, detailed list of categories of POI database of Hungary. Retail and services, health and education, tourism and leisure. Locations with GPS coordinates and address by different categories for Hungary.

ArcCensus 2011 – List of variables

ArcCensus 2011 – List of variables of census database of Hungary, year 2011. Demography, Householdings and Housing stocks data in settlement level (Hungary) and district level (Budapest)

ArcData – List of variables – 2018

ArcData – List of variables – 2018 contains the list of all variables by NUTS levels of Hungary. The time lined series of variables are collected by categories and NUTS levels: Region, County, Small Region, Settlement, Districts of Budapest Demography, Householdes, Income, Unemployment rate Distributor of database: GeoX Business GIS company.

100×100 database – Price list by settlement – 2018

100×100 database – Price list by settlement – 2018 contains the names, types and price of database by settlements: 100×100 – street level statistical database GeoXRaster – raster map of the cities DSM-10 – street level vector map of cities Valid from 01.01.2018

POIX List of categories – 2018

POIX list of categories – 2018. Main categories with number of elements of POI database of Hungary, collected by categories and sub categories, with coordinate, address and contact info.

ArcData statistical database of Hungary

ArcData statistical database of Hungary contain time lined data for all administrative levels of Hungary. Main categories of datasets are: Demography and Age groups, Householdings, Housing stocks, Unemployment rate, Income, and Elections. You can visualize the data on map using ArcHungary vector map of Hungary.



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