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NUTS4 level and District Areas

For statistical districts and small regions of Hungary a lot of statistical database are available at Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH).

Our goal is to provide time lined data series and special indicators  – GeoIndeX database – prepared for Business GIS analysis for every NUTS levels of Hungary (year 2000-2018).

Districts of Budapest are special administrative level. Every districts of Budapest is equal with a small regions (Járás) of Hungary. That’s why a lot of data series are available in this NUTS level for districts of Budapest.(Let’s see sample maps below!)

Sample maps using GeoIndeX database

Sample maps using GeoIndex ArcData database or ArcCensus database, and ArcHungary administrative vector maps of Hungary.

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Datasets in GeoIndex Business GIS database of Hungary

  • Datasets for NUTS 4 level and District areas of Hungary are available in ArcData database. Many types of statistical data (year 2000-2016 /2017/2018) of demography, unemployment rate, real estates and households to analyse the spatial differences.
  • Aggregated dataset of Hungarian Census, year 2011 is available in the ArcCensus database.





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