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New demography data in 100×100 database – 2016

Population density, age groups, percentage of young people and old age population…these demograpy data of a settlement are very important for Location based analysis. The 100×100 street level database provides several types of demography data and indicators for 136 settlements in Hungary.

List of settlements of 100×100 purchasing power grid database of Hungary »

Population density in Budapesten - 2016

Population density in Budapest – 2016

Population – Indicators of demography

To open a new shop somewhere, we have to know “How many people live there?” It means the resident population, the population by age groups in the catchment area of the planned  new service. 100×100 database helps to analyse spatial differences in a city.

Indicators by age groups, young age dependency ratio index, old age dependency ratio index show more detailed information for a city. These indexes are available for 136 cities in Hungary, for Budapest, county seats, for cities with more than 20 000 inhabitants and for settlements of Budapest suburb area.




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