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Geocoding Hungarian addresses

Geocoding services of GeoX Ltd. is used especially for Hungarian addresses. This algorithm knows the special rules of Hungarian addresses, it can clean the incorrect address information, and join the correct GPS coordinate.

Types of geocoding services for Hungarian addresses

The proposed method of geocoding services of Hungarian addresses depends on the quantity and quality of source address database. You can use different type of our geocoding services.

Off-line geocoding service of Hungarian addresses

If you have to geocoding numerous addresses at once, and quality of results is important, we offer you our off-line geocoding service. In this case the geocoding process is supplemented by manual inspection. The geocoding process has two part, the data cleaning (eg. correcting the spelling errors) and finding associated geographic coordinates. All geocoded address has a quality code, (accuracy of process). The purpose of manual control is to improve the accuracy of geocode. If you need the service, or you have questions  Contact us »

On-line geocoding services of Hungarian addresses

If you have for example a web service, in which you have to geocoding  the addresses immediately or from time to time we offer you our online geocoding service. You can use this service:

  •  in simple Excel table (you should have internet connection, and should have to allow to run macros in the .xlsx table),
  • as a MapBasic program in MapInfo software (you should have internet connection and MapInfo Professional software),
  • as a standard protocol sending request to our server.

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Database of geocoding process

The database of geocoding process of Hungarian addresses is the “Országos utcatörzs”, street name and address database of Hungary. The database contains all of official street names and addresses of Hungarian settlements, updated in every three month.

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GeoXMap – street finder map of Hungary

GeoXMap use the same algorithm to geocoding Hungarian  addresses. Try it for free »




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