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Sunday Times impact on retails in Budapest

After 15th of March 2015. a lot of retail shop should be closed on Sunday. The law sets out a number of exceptions, for example the World Heritage areas (Law No. CII. of year 2014. 1§ 14. point).

Who should be closed and who is not?

In Budapest there are three World Heritage area: the Banks of Danube, Buda Castle Quarter, and Andrássy Avenue. So the shops whitch locatid in these areas – according to the law – shouldn’t have been closed.

Retail stores in World Heritage areas of Budapest

Retail stores in World Heritage areas of Budapest

 Categories and Brands

The downtown of Budapest, the Grand boulevard between Podmaniczky street and Király street may have been the most popular place on Sundays after 15th of March for those people who want shopping.

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