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Interactive purchasing power map of Hungarian cities

Now is available GeoIndeX interactive purchasing power map of Hungarian cities.

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Datasource of tematic maps is GeoIndeX 100×100 street level purchasing power database. Database is available for Budapest, county seats and settlementos of Hungary with more than 20 000 inhabitants.

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Purchasing power indicators

The interactive purchasing power map of Hungary shows the differences between hungarian settlements: demography, net income, purchasing power and more. Choose an indicator from the drop-down menu, than you can move the map to that hungarian settlement you want to analyse.

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Hungarian names of indicators Description
Népesség Population per hectare
Gyermekkorúak aránya Young age dependency ratio
Időskorúak aránya Old age dependency ratio
Öregedési index Aging index
Jövedelem Annual net income per capita
Ingatlan négyzetméterár Real estate average price per square meter
Ingatlan ár Real estate average price
Diplomások aránya Percentage of graduated population
Látnivaló index Sights index
Gyalogos forgalom index Pedestrian traffic index
Városközpont index Downtown index
Beépítés jellege Type of residential areas
Lakókörnyezeti index Type of purchasing power cluster

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Datasource of interactive map

GeoIndex 100×100 street level purchasing power database help’s to understand the spatial differences of purchasing power in Hungary. This database is more, than a statistical database, contains several different indicators, and complex index.

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