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Changes in home prices in Hungary – 2008 / 2012

KSH published the Housing Price Index, the most important indicators of the housing market in Hungary. We have created some thematic map, see below:

Specific home prices by settlements - 2012

Specific home prices by settlements – 2012

In year 2012. the specific home price was very different in the capital, Budapest and in the other regions. The highest price was typical in Budapest, especially in Buda and in the north-west agglomeration of Budapest. The specific home price was approximately the same in the east pool of lake Balaton, and agglomeration of Keszthely.

Number of sold properties in year 2012

Indicators of Housing market for Hungary

For the hungarian cities with more than 20 000 inhabitants, the Street level purchasing power database contains further indicators of housing market and home prices.

Let’s see the indicators! »




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