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Settlement level purchasing power

Settlement level database of net income is useful to analyse the spatial differences of purchasing power in Hungary.

Datasources of settlement level purchasing power database

Income data of KSH (Hungarian Central Statistical Office) regional income to settlement level. Detailed income database on settlement (NUTS5) level and ZIP code level.

The vintage year is 2018, and the date of issue is May 2020. This is the most up-to-date database on income due to Personal Income Tax data publication.

Topics of purchasing power database

Indicators of income:

  • labor income,
  • social income,
  • other income,
  • gross and net income per capita.

Level of PurchasinG Power database

The purchasing power database of Hungary is available for two level:

  • all Hungarian settlements with districts of Budapest, and
  • all ZIP codes of Hungary.

in one database, year 2018. Format: MS Excel.

Price of Purchasing Power database

The database price is 399.000 HUF + VAT per year.

Price is 1.300 EUR containing settlement and zipcode level data in MS Excel format.
Price of update per year is 199 000 HUF + VAT
(in case of order of continuous update of database)

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