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Structure of POIX database

Points of Interest database – POIX of Hungary – for every POI element contains the same data, like: ID, contact information, GPS coordinates and category classifications.

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Structure of POIX database of Hungary

The ordered POIX database is delivered in a structured .txt or Excel format, contained all data see below:

ID name description
1. ID unique ID of POI
2. Név unique name of POI
3. Kategória kód unique code of POI
4. Brand Brand name, if exists
5. Kategória név name of category
6. ZIP ZIP code of POI
7. Település Settlement name of POI
8. Cím Address of the POI
9. EOVX, EOVY location of the POI in EOV
10. LAT, LONG location of the POI in WGS84
11. Pontosság exactness of coordinates
12. Utolsó frissítés last update of poi element
13. Telefonszám phone number(s) of the POI, if exists
14. Fax fax number(s) of the POI, if exists
15. E-mail e-mail address of the POI, if exists
16. Web website of the POI, if exists
17. Megjegyzés other informations (opening hours, etc.)
18. Szülő Parent object of the POI element (e.g. name of plaza)

You can buy the POIX database by settlement, or by POIX categories.
The price of the database depends on the number of ordered elements.

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