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POIX database of Hungary

A Point of Interest or POI is a specific location point on a map, for example an ATM, Pharmacy, petrol station or restaurant. POIs can be collected by categories such as banks, hotels, shops, tourist locations, etc., and can be used in navigation or location based services.

POIX database of Hungary

Our POI database – POIX – is a comprehensive POI collection for Hungary, containing more than 175.000 POI objects in more than 91.000 locations.
Each point of POI database is specified by the:

  • name,
  • address,
  • GPS coordinates,
  • POI description,
  • contact info (phone, e-mail, website)

Database structure of POIX »

Usage of POIX database

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POI database is continuously updated to maintain its freshness and precision. We provide 4 updates per year. POIs are geocoded and verified on our address database or located manually, (99% of POIs have address level accuracy).

Categories of POIX database of Hungary

The main categories of POIX database - which contains the names of Brands too -  are:

  • Accomodation,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Education and Health,
  • Sport and Entertainment,
  • Transport,
  • Commerce
  • Industry and Agriculture

POIX in 100x100 Database

100x100 is a street level purchasing power database for 246 settlements in Hungary. In 100x100 map database the POIX is used to define different type of city center indicator.

Price of POIX database

Single user price of the database depends on the number of ordered POI elements (standard price is 1 EUR + VAT /POI).

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