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ArcData database

The ArcData Database contains various statistical data of the Hungarian NUTS levels (year 2000-2016). You can use these database for your location based predictive analysis or your geomarketing process.

Characteristic of ArcData database

The database has the same structure in every NUTS level, and for the districts of Budapest too. You can buy the database in several format, and you can use it your desktop GIS mapping application too. The special data groups as Demography and Unemployment rate are available in settlement level. These data groups contains the latest available data, year 2016 (2017).

Sample maps using ArcData database

1 2 3 12

Main topics of ArcData database

The database contains data groups from all significant topics you need spatial analysis. These are:
  • demographic,
  • health care,
  • education,
  • employment and unemployment,
  • infrastructure,
  • income,
  • households

Validity of datasets »

Spatial levels of ArcData database

The database contains data groups for every NUTS levels of Hungary. These are:

  • Region (NUTS2)
  • County (NUTS3)
  • Statistical Small Region (NUTS4) - till 2009
  • Small Regions named "Járás" - from 2009
  • Settlement (NUTS5)
  • Districts of Budapest

Price of ArcData database

You can buy and use this database in your own planning and decision-making process.
The price of the ArcData (ArcAdat)  Database is HUF 399.000 + VAT (1.300 EUR)



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