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GeoX Ltd. provides several database for business GIS in Hungary. These databases help you analysing and mapping your business data both address and administrative levels. These databases are updated continously, so you can always get the latest available datas.



Spatial Statistical Database – Various demographic, and economic statistical data for Hungarian NUTS levels, year 2000-2016.

ArcCensus 2011

Census Database  with settlement level detailed data of demographic, household and real estate parameters of Hungarian Cities, year 2011.

Settlement level purchasing power

Settlement level indicators of income and consumption expenditures of Hungarian Cities, year 2015.

Street level purchasing power

Territorial differences of purchasing power in a city, for every hungarian settlements with more than 20 000 inhabitants and for the Budapest metropolitan area, year 2017.

Street name database of Hungary

Offical names of hungarian streets by settlements, in one database, with updates of changes, year 2017.

POIX database of Hungary

Database of Points of Interest by settlements of Hungary, with categories, brand names and coordinates, year 2018.

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