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About us

GeoX is a private company (SME), one of the leading GIS companies in Hungary.

The past

Our company was founded in 1998 with 3 employees, initially focusing its main activities on GIS-consultancy and spatial analysis.

The present

Nowdays the company has more than 20 employees, involving different types of professionals, like GIS-engineers, and software-developers.

Recently, the development of GIS- and geomarketing applications, business GIS analysis and providing GIS consultancy are the most significant fields of business of the company. Some global players; like Google, HERE, TomTom use GeoX’s base data (digital street map, address and POI database) in their spatial products for the country.

While developing and maintaining the base spatial data products and services, GeoX broadened its business with the development and design of customized spatial databases and map application development in different environments and platforms. These new fields of activities involved micro-segmentation/profiling, spatial resource-optimization, road navigation and route-optimization, data-mining, management of large and heterogeneous datasets. By the changing demands and circumstances, we have kept our focus on the spatial aspects of the tasks, their solution and spatial modeling.


The main products of GeoX is the “DSM-10” (Digital Street Map of Hungary) which is adapted for house number-level geocoding, routing and network analysis –, different types of derived digital maps, databases – “ArcHungary“, “GeoXRaszter” – and map-applications, software developments based on it (“GeoX105”, “GeoIndex”, “GeoXY”).


Our company is a partner and also a supplier of various Hungarian government organisations, telecommunication companies (T-Mobile, Telenor, Vodafone), city service companies and carries out data products, GIS-analysis and GIS-related software developments for them.

Main projects

Based on these wide range of expertises, GeoX has been involved in several local and international R&D projects in various fields:

  • EURADIN (2008-2010; GA: 317002) – European Address Infrastructure
  • INSPIRE compilant address data management and service;
  • FusePool (2012-2014; GA: 296192) – Fusing and pooling information for product/service development and research;
  • FusePool P3 (2014-2016; GA: 609696) – Fusepool Publish-Process-Perform Platform for Linked Data;
  • SOPCAWIND (2012-2014; GA: 296164) – Software for the Optimal Place CAlculation for WIND-farms;
  • TIMON (2015- GA: 636220) – Enhanced real time services for an optimised multimodal mobility relying on cooperative networks and open data.





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